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The staff


Boutik team from right to left :

Gaston, Véronique, Stéphane and Tehei.

Grafting team, from left to right :

Clovis, Tetei, Ismael, Tevainui, Graziela, David, Rai, Marie and Bastiano.

Team of the grafting room, from left to right :

Hinatea, Tepurotu, Garven, Heifara, Jacques, Laurent and Raitahi.


Papeete team, Tahiti

Mana Pearl - Tahiti Black Pearl necklace, Black Pearl earrings, Black Pearl pendant, Black Pearl Bracelet
マナパール タヒチ黒蝶真珠ネックレス 黒蝶真珠イヤリング 黒蝶真珠ペンダント 黒蝶真珠ブレスレット
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