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Farerei Haga is coming in Rangiroa!

The Farerei Haga is like a meeting. In fact, it means "Meeting". It is like a "Heiva", like they call it in Tahiti, but in the Tuamotu islands. A competition between artists and athletes during one entire week.

Feel free to visit their Facebook page Farerei Haga for more information

The Gauguin's Pearl farm in Rangiroa

The pearl farm Gauguin's Pearl is located on the atoll of Rangiroa, a low island famous for its lagoon and its great diving spots. As part of the Tuamotu Archipelago, which consists almost entirely of atolls, about 300 km from Tahiti, Rangiroa is also the most famous island in the north-west of the archipelago. Located in the middle of the Motu Avatoru, leads to the pearl farm by the only road on the island or by the lagoon. In operation for over fifteen years and holding a licence of over 400 hectares on the lagoon, this pearl farm is one of the largest cultivating black pearls in Polynesia.

Passe de Avatoru

Pass of Avatoru

Distance entre village et ferme

Distance between the village and the farm

Le "lagon bleu" de Rangiroa

"Blue lagoon" of Rangiroa

Zoom sur la passe de Avatoru

Zoom on the Avatoru's pass

Ferme Gauguin's Pearl

Gauguin's Pearl farm

Zoom sur la ferme

Zoom on the farm

Somewhere in the Tuamotu

Mana Pearl Tahiti - Tahitian Black Pearl
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